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The world of fashion is an on going production. Some of the biggest celebrity’s own there own fashion lines with many having huge success. One of the biggest names of fashion is Ed Hardy.

Considered one of the most meteoric rises in fashion history, Christian Audigier has parlayed his design experience and business acumen to become a true fashion icon and entrepreneurial sensation in less than four years.  Through his collection of international companies, he has launched nine popular brands with over sixty licenses.  He oversees an international conglomerate of his designer brands, including Ed Hardy™, Christian Audigier™, SMET™, Crystal Rock™, most recently C-Bar-A™, Savoir Faire™, Evel Knievel ™, Rock Fabulous™, and Paco Chicano™; this includes US and international wholesale distribution, US retail stores, as well as international retail stores.

Christian made his mark throughout the fashion industry after a fortuitous start at MacKeen Jeans.  He has contributed to successful brands such as Diesel, Fiorucci, Bisou Bisou, Levi’s, NafNaf and American Outfitters.  Christian’s style is so distinctive that he is known as the “King of Jeans.” 
More recently, Christian threw his ingenuity behind Von Dutch™, where he catapulted the brand from obscurity into a household name. He single handedly created several trends, including the now famous trucker hat trend which could be seen on everyone from college students to high-profile celebrities. Christian was responsible for putting Von Dutch™ on the map, thus paving the way for his next great enterprise.

In 2004, Christian left Von Dutch™ and proceeded to create and launch the wildly popular Ed Hardy® brand.  He was granted the exclusive rights to the designs of Don Ed Hardy, who is commonly referred to as the “Godfather of Tattoo.”  With Ed Hardy®, Christian not only created a brand, but a lifestyle of street couture.
Christian has built a fervent following for his Ed Hardy® and the eponymous Christian Audigier™ brands. Celebrities such as Madonna, Britney Spears, and Kanye West, among others are frequently seen wearing his unique designs.  His celebrity following includes more than 5,000 celebrities, athletes and musicians of all genres.