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History of Guess

Guess is one of the biggest labels in fashion design everyone from Britney Spears to Lindsey Lohan are wearing these fabulous designer clothes. Guess is an American brand clothing line. The symbol that made Guess noticed was the famous question mark. The company also owns Marciano. Guess does not only make clothing but also markets many fashion accessories such as watches and jewellery. Guess was founded by four brothers in morocco. Their names are Georges, Armand, Paul and Maurice. These brothers moved to California in 1977 and established Guess in 1981. They started the company with money from owners of the Jordache Demin Empire. When they first showed their products people were very reluctant to buy their merchandise.

Advertising campaigns began in 1982, with there iconic black and white ads in 1985. Over the years their ads won numerous awards.


In the 1985’s back to the future movie Michael J. Fox wore distinct Guess clothing made specifically for the film.


Guess Who? Distributors

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Kingston, Ontario

K7L 1A6           

613- 549-9938